Developing Your Comprehensive Floor Safety Program



Assessing your Facility Floor Mat needs 

  • Assess the state, quality and adequacy of your present floor mats. Floor mats should keep floors safe and dry and reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. 
  •  15- 20 feet of entrance matting is recommended for walk-ways of large entrances.
  • Your floor mats should provide a safe walking surface and effectively collect soils and moisture at your entry doors.  Professional rental mats have certain characteristics:  they have a cleats on the back of the mat - *keeping mat in place, engineered to collect soil and moisture. Professional mat products listed have gone through laboratory certification  tests. The Certification process explained - test phases. Note: In the marketplace today, architects, designers and specifiers are being educated in the selection of products that carry the NFSI Certification for high-risk areas. This NFSI certification is their assurance that the product they are selecting has been clinically tested to meet the highest of performance standards.

Executive Mat Services - Scraper matting, Waterhog Plus, Bristle/ Brush, Eco Solutions and Plush are NSFI Certified Floor Mats provide an  "Island of Safety" for the general public, clients and employees.

ANSI B101.6 - Standard guide for commercial entrance matting.

Overall Scope: ANSI ( AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE) B101.6  provides the basis for the proper choice, fitting, inspection, care and maintenance of entrance mats and runners in commercial facilities in reducing slips, trips and falls.
Function: The requirements of this standard specifically relate to the safe usage and functions, composition, and quality basis of floor mats and runners. (Runners are mats that are typically 10 feet or longer.)

  •  Vinyl backed mats have the lowest TCOF in tests and are affected by temperature.  *The concern, Vinyl mats- when cold do move on the floor, unlike rubber cleated back mats.
  •  TOCF means "transitional Coefficient of friction" - impact friction test conducted by NSFI.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Executive Mat products listed on our site with NFSI label meet  TOCF  testing standards.


Adequate floor matting should be placed at front entrances to facilities, back doors, side doors and employee entrances. Restaurant kitchen entry doors, industrial plant doors to office. On Tiled floor surfaces, greasy or oily prone hallways in industrial plants.   Slippery and wet entrances or hallways. 

High traction professional mats provide an "Island of Safety"

Each business has unique needs when it comes to specific floor matting. Please call today, to arrange an on-site professional assessment.

The following Executive Mat Services products are certified by the NFSI.( National floor safety Institute.) 

Rental NFSI Certified products below: 

ANSI B101.6

Follow link  To download/ purchase the ANSI B101.6 Standard Guide for commercial Entrance Matting in reducing slips, trips and falls. 2012