City of Calgary Food and Yard Waste Bylaw enforced - November 1, 2017

Business and organizations must provide separate food and yard waste collection. By fall 2018,  higher fees for loads with food and yard waste will be charged at city landfills.

Chain restaurants and organizations can now rent the equipment to process in-house food waste and the resulting Bio-fuel will be removed on an every -two week basis.

Learn more about waste diversion, and available rental equipment( engineered Model #100/Model #500  pricing. 

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Ideal for large corporate or governmental sites, and restaurant chains where food waste is generated daily.

Eco-Growth systems reduce Landfill methane gas.

1 pound of food waste in landfill decomposes anaerobically into 40 pounds of CO2e.

About Eco- Growth Food Waste process and applications.

Thermal Vacuum Reactor (TCR) is a Patent Pending technology developed locally by Eco-Growth Environmental Inc. Eco-Growth Environmental is an Executive Mat affiliated company.

Organic waste streams such as food waste, paper toweling miscellaneous organic wastes are introduced to the TCR technology which converts raw waste to a high calorific bio-fuel. Bio-fuel produced is virtually odorless and is significantly reduced in weight and volume. Bio fuel is removed by Executive Mat Service Ltd. (common ownership) while on-site performing matting services. Waste is removed on an every-2-week basis.
Bio-fuel is used at the Executive Mat washing facility as an energy source to create hot water for the laundering process.