Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

isologoExecutive Mat Service is committed to being Industry Leaders in the protection of the environment,  and Health & Safety of our Associates, Customers and  in the Communities where we operate.

We recognize that we must work to minimize any negative impact we have on the environment while running our business. Waste, whether produced in our production facilities, offices, or homes represents environmental and economic inefficiency. We strive to dispose of resources intelligently, recycling those that can be utilized economically in a different form.

Executive Mat Service has, and will continue to, commit adequate support and resources towards systems for setting and reviewing measurable environmental objectives and targets. We will demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement to waste streams and prevention of pollution.

The principle of REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE is a CORE VALUE that guides not only our business lives, but our personal lives as well. We are open to suggestions from our Associates, Customers and Vendors toward how we might further improve our Environmental performance.

March 20, 2015  - Recycling of K-cups. Landfill Diversion program