Wiping Towels / Bar Towels

Wiping Towels / Bar Towels are available in white, yellow and Micro-Fibre.
Bar towels are delivered to your business ready to use. Our route drivers will help you maintain an adequate supply of stock. White and Yellow towels are made of 100% cotton. Micro-fiber towels/ wipers are used for cleaning tables and counters. Microfiber towels are lint free. Microfiber towels have thousands of very small fibers, that trap and wick up soil easily on most surfaces.
Executive Mat Microfiber towels are are picked up at your business, laundered and delivered back to you clean ready to use.

See below for rental programs for Bar Towel delivery service
Offering the highest quality towel with exceptional soaking ability. Available for direct purchase or based on a rental program. Amounts are catered to your specific restaurant, pub, diner etc.


To learn more or place your order today, please contact a representative at the nearest location to you.